Корубин - Алексоска, Ана (2004) СОРТИ ТУТУН ОД ИНСТИТУТОТ ЗА ТУТУН - ПРИЛЕП (TOBACCO VARIETIES FROM TOBACCO INSTITUTE-PRILEP). COBISS.MK-ID 594 10698 . Scientific Tobacco Institute - Prilep, Alfa Print - Skopje. ISBN 9989-2349-0-6

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For a longer period, there was a need to publish a book with varieties that are in possession of Tobacco Institute-Prilep, for the needs of tobacco industry in the Republic of Macedonia and wider. This book will popularize the creativity of breeders and research work of the Institute, emphasize the close connection of science with tobacco production and confirm their mutual correlation and progress. The town under the Markovi Kuli, which lanes smell of tobacco, will be inspiration, and the long tradition of tobacco growing our obligation to use scientific, applicative and educational activity in
improvement of production, processing and manufacture of tobacco.
It is my special pleasure that this book is published in a jubilee year, on 80th anniversary of Tobacco Institute.
This book is intended for tobacco experts, who should inform individual producers - farmers about biological potential and quality of tobacco, and also for all other persons interested in increasing their knowledge on tobacco varieties grown in our country.
Presented varieties are created by various authors and are divided into three groups: oriental (Prilep, Yaka, Dzebel), semioriental (Otlia) and large-leaf (Virginia and Burley). Their characteristics are based on reports by the authors, documents and investigations. Each variety is illustrated by photographs of stalk, floral bud and leaves, which enable its better identification and determination. All stalks in the photographs were sampled this year (2004), from comparative trial set up in Tobacco Institute, except for the variety Prilep P15-1/82, the data and photograph which were supplied by courtesy of the author.
Having in mind that this book is only a first edition and the continuously present challenge of the breeder to release new varieties superior to the existing ones, there will be always possibilities for its improvement and updating.

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