Susak, Ivona (2015) THE IMPACT OF MEDIA VIOLENCE ON CHILDREN. Criminal - Police Academy - Belgrade, Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia. ISBN 978-86-7020-324-2

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Modern people cannot imagine their daily lives without the media. The media is all around us, those are part of our life and characteristic of our time. In modern society, the mass media are very powerful and with their way of expressing, have a crucial role not only in the abandonment of some features of traditionalism, but also in creating a new culture. Feature of mass media acquired through their orientation towards a number of consumers, each of them has its own target group and against claims of this group creates its content. Most susceptible to the influence of the mass media are youth as part of the society, who are in a period of life, when forming their habits of behaviour and culture. The media as a mass phenomenon in this population are inevitable. They attract their attention, especially television and the Internet, and thus their present and impose lifestyle. Through the media, the youth encounter today society and even themselves, acquire basic principles and rules of socialization. The mass media creates a picture of the situation, opportunities, needs, interests, guidelines and values in the society. Ethics in the media, often lacking and it has a devastating effect on the psychological and social situation of the young people. In the media, the content presented to the young people is not just a lack of violence, manipulation, bad examples and models of deviant behaviour, but it can affect the formation of distorted lifestyles of young people. This paper will give an analysis of the representation of violence in the mass media, as well as analysis of the impact of such content as one of the risk factors for crime among the children.
Keywords: mass media, violence, children, risk factors.

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