Susak, Ivona (2016) RECIDIVISM AND THE JUVENILE OFFENDER. Criminal - Police Academy - Belgrade, Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia. ISBN 978-86-7020-358-7

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Reducing juvenile crime is one of the biggest challenges which society is facing today. Juvenile crime is not as vast and unmanageable as the myths and misconceptions surrounding it suggest. The overwhelming majority of young people have no contact with criminal justice system. Of those who have contact in the form of a court appearance, some have only one appearance. A sizeable minority of juveniles has however several court appearances leading to conviction. Knowledge regarding juvenile offenders and offending is limited. Very little is known about causes underlying juvenile engagement in crime. In addition, our knowledge about characteristics and dynamics of juvenile offending is incomplete. It comes to no surprise that attempts to tackle the problem have a high risk of failure. The recidivism of juvenile offenders and their offending patterns are among the most important issues relating to juvenile crime. Overseas research supports the popular conception that adult criminals begin their careers in juvenile years. Therefore, understanding the factors underlying juvenile reoffending is crucial to the development of policies aimed at breaking the crime cycle, especially when recidivism among juveniles is unfortunately present in a large percentages, which this survey will show. Methods: The paper will analyse data from a research of completed court cases in the area of Primary Court in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. The focus will be on cases against persons who were under 18 years of age in the time of committing the crime (juveniles), in the period 2005–2014.
Keywords: juvenile offenders, recidivism, court cases.

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