Bacanovic, Oliver and Susak, Ivona (2016) CO - OFFENDING AND GROUP CRIME: AN IMPORTANT FEATURE OF CRIME AMONG CHILDREN. Faculty of Security - Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia. ISBN 978-608-4828-01-3

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The process of association among people aimed to fulfillment of their common goals is a characteristic of every area of human‟s social life. The fact that people can achieve a greater effect together is the main motive why association is used in the criminal sphere. But, we should never forget how dangerous concursus delinquentium is. Co - offending is not only a special form of committing a crime, but it is also a special crime phenomenon (collective crime) which is much more dangerous than crimes committed by a single perpetrator. A collective crime is an accumulation of criminal energy, as a result of which a conscious and intentional association emerges. In the theory of the criminal law a crime committed by few persons changes the level of social danger because co - offending deepens the problem of crimes. One of the most characteristic marks of juvenile crime is co - offending and gang related crimes, and by this we mean participation of two or more children in the process of committing the crime.
Methods: The article will analyze the data from a research of valid court cases on the area of the Primary Court in Bitola. The focus will be on cases against people who were under 18 in the time of committing the crime (juveniles), in the period between 2005 and 2015.
Results: The research will show that crimes are mostly committed in groups, by few perpetrators; the groups are formed spontaneously, without internal organization and hierarchy. Their goals are mostly associated with committing grand thefts and after being discovered by the police, they fall apart.
Key words: co - offending, gangs, children, phenomenology, social danger.

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