Susak, Ivona and Bacanovic, Oliver (2018) UNDERSTANDING CO-OFFENDING. Faculty of Law - Kicevo, “St. Kliment Ohridski” University - Bitola Center for Scientific Research at the Faculty of Law - Kicevo, Bitola, Macedonia. ISBN 978-608-4670-00-1

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Co-offending, the fact of committing crime alongside one or more accomplices, is a well documented and widespread phenomenon. Early twentieth-century scholars already signaled that co-offending is abundant, particularly among juveniles. Since than, a body of empirical research has emerged in which considerable knowledge has been gathered about the regularities of co-offending and the characteristics of co-offenders. Co-offending is not only an interesting subject for empirical study, it also poses many interesting and profound theoretical questions. Since breaking the law does not necessarily require others, the sheer phenomenon of co-offending itself is meaningful and in need of explanation. But, nevertheless, in comparison to the large amount of theories on crime and criminal behaviour on a general level, theorizing about co –offending is still scarce. This paper is focused on theories and theorizing about co-offending. This includes explaining why people co-offend in first place and how co-offenders find each other and initiate their crimes.
Key words: Co-offending, Theories, Juvenile offenders, Risk, Influence

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