The Phenomenon of social (dis-) responsibility in conditions of hybrid democracy – Balkan experiences and Perspectives

Tuntevski, Nikola (2018) The Phenomenon of social (dis-) responsibility in conditions of hybrid democracy – Balkan experiences and Perspectives. Knowledge International Journal Scientific Papers, 23 (4). pp. 1187-1194. ISSN 1857-923X

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The responsibility of every individual is a key factor for the realization of each set goal. We cannot achieve anything in our life cycle without a serious and responsible approach to everything we undertake. But even the most responsible behavior of the individual is not a condition for personal success if it does not come across a fertile soil in the society in which it lives and does not fit into the social mosaic. The degree of individual responsibility is a prerequisite for social responsibility. At the same time, the level of social responsibility is a guarantee for creating equal opportunities in which citizens can achieve their needs responsibly. Social responsibility is a fiction, without individual responsibility. Conversely, individual responsibility is unattainable without social responsibility.
Unfortunately, this inevitable social legitimacy is still not fully understood and accepted in societies with under-developed democracy, in which power still dominates against freedom, and social interest is overshadowed by personal and group interests. The experiences of most Balkan countries face us with the devolution of social responsibility, in which law and justice are perceived as a privilege of certain individuals and groups, and the establishment of guilt and responsibility becomes an unachievable goal.
Keywords: social responsibility, irresponsibility, guilty, Balkan countries

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