Application of Arduino Measurement Set for Experimental Evaluation of the Static Behavior of Continuous Systems

Lilkova-Markova, S.V. and Pavlov, P.D. and Mitashev, D.P. and Todorov, R.O. (2018) Application of Arduino Measurement Set for Experimental Evaluation of the Static Behavior of Continuous Systems. “St Kliment Ohridski” University - Bitola, Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies - Bitola, Republic of Macedonia, pp. 141-144. ISBN 978-9989-870-80-4

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Application of an Arduino based measurement system, in experimental capture of the elastic line of statically loaded simple systems, is presented in this paper. For this purpose, an experimental set of console steel beams, loaded at the end with concentrated force, was developed. The experimental set was made to determine the displacements at characteristic points, separating the beam length at equal distances. Like any experimental study, the proposed one is preceded by the development of a theoretical model for analytically obtaining the expected results. The displacements of the characteristic points of the beam are calculated by Method of direct integration. Then it is performed manually measuring of the some displacements, using a simple caliper. The main measurement is made by an Arduino measurement system. The system consists of light sensors, connected to an Arduino board that converts the analog signal into digital and directs it to the computer. The digital signals are processed, scaled and displayed by a specially developed in the MATLAB environment program. The results are compared with the theoretical and the manual measurements results. The percentage error in the implementation of the alternative measurement system has been determined. The Arduino measurement system can also be used for beam vibrations at frequencies up to 3-4 Hz. The experimental configuration was developed in the Laboratory for Numerical and Experimental Dynamic Modeling at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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