Determination of physical and chemical parameters in milk from Macedonian market

Daniloski, D. and Pavlovska, Gorica and Pavlova, Valentina and Kalevska, Tatjana and Saveski, A. (2015) Determination of physical and chemical parameters in milk from Macedonian market. Međunarodnog skupa studenata tehnologije X, Zbornik radova. pp. 88-92.

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Milk has been widely investigated during recent years
in order to produce dairy products of higher
nutritional quality. Saturated fatty acids (FA) found
in milk, especially medium-chain FA, are associated
with higher risk of cardiovascular disease and
coronary heart problems. On the contrary,
polyunsaturated FA present a protecting effect
against cardiovascular disease. However, a high
amount of polyunsaturated FA results in this effect. It
is, therefore, relevant to investigate how to alter milk
composition by higher risk of milk oxidation but
antioxidants can delay feeding different strategies to
cows in order to improve human health. Milk
secretion was unchanged secretion of the mammary
glands of mammals obtained from one or more rows,
complete and continuous milking of cows, sheep and
buffalo which nothing is added or taken away. Milk is
opacifying white liquid that contains all the nutrients
needed for proper development and rapid growth of
newborn organisms. As part of this work is the
analysis of milk. If we want to investigate whether
milk fit with existing legislation is sufficient to
perform organoleptic examination to determine a
physical constants (density, a reflection of the Milky
Serum and the freezing point), acidity, fat and the rest
of the dry matter. For hygienic safety of milk
examines the activities of individual enzymes.
Key words:
milk, saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids,
analysis of milk, organoleptic examination

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