Effects of the soy isoflavones on the growth and the exterior development of the ISA Brown pullets

Gjorgovska, N. and Filev, K. and Pavlova, Valentina and Levkov, V. (2014) Effects of the soy isoflavones on the growth and the exterior development of the ISA Brown pullets. Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. pp. 822-827. ISSN pISSN: 2079-052X, eISSN: 2079-0538

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The soy isoflavones are phytoestrogens with the same structure as the estrogen hormones of the animals, but
with weaker activity. According to some authors, they influenced the growth and the body weight of small
chicken. Because of this we conducted a study to establish the effect of isoflavones on the growth performances
and the body weight of the light strain chicken, from hatching to 20 weeks of age. To get an answer to this aim,
investigation has been made in a rearing farm. The feed in different periods was enriched with 40.88%
isoflavone additive in the amount of 300, 600, 1200 and 1800 mg /kg feed. From the obtained results of the
investigation it is concluded that soy isoflavones offered in different concentrations in the feed mixtures
decreased the body weight of the pullets at all different ages during the experiment. The results of this
investigation suggested that isoflavones supplemented to the diets did not influence the skeletal exterior indexes
(Long-leggedness, Stockiness and Massiveness) of the ISA brown pullets.
Key words: Chicken, Exterior, Isoflavones, Pullets

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