Ilievski, Nikola and Ilik, Goran (2018) THE END OF POLITICS: DECONSTRUCTION, DECLINE AND ALTERNATIVE OF THE STATE. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 4 (1). pp. 28-45. ISSN 1857-9760

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The paper represents theoretical investigation into the phenomenon of decline of the state. It addresses three basic and mutually connected investigation areas, introduced in deconstruction of the state, decline of the state and alternative of the state. Primarily, theories of the origin of the state are exposed, where the state’s essence is located; its function – identified and the role it has been playing – observed. In following, the decline represented as a process of transfer – with the state as its main subject, is interpreted through different prisms, particularly the one of federalism, postmodernism, decentralization and libertarianism. The specific focus is laid on the process of decline of the state, following the libertarian theoretical framework. The process is determined by the decrease of the state’s functions, occurring in certain period of time. Accordingly, the process is analyzed and divided into four phases, each of them identified with a certain type of state, with an exception. Ultimately, the alternative of the state is emerging as last phase and final outcome of the process of decline of the state, while introducing a new era, the one of no politics.
Keywords: state, libertarianism, politics

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