Police crime recording practices: evidence from Skopje city’s police stations

Stefanovska, Vesna (2020) Police crime recording practices: evidence from Skopje city’s police stations. Thematic Conference Proceedings of International significance, Vo. 10 No. (2020), „Archibald Reiss Days. pp. 291-301.

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Police crime statistics are starting point for understanding crime rate in one country. They are important not only for the public in order to improve their confidence and perception of the police in controlling and reducing crime, but much more. Police statistics are important to the police themselves to improve their efficiency, to plan their activities in order to detect and clear up crimes. But, according to most research related to this issue, the main problems in crime recording are located in police practices and police discretion in collecting crime data and deciding what to record as a crime. No detailed scientific research has been conducted in Macedonia on the manner and process of crime recording, as well as on the wider process of generating police statistics. This area should be of interest not only to the scientific community but also to the police services themselves in order to provide objective, confidential and accurate information on the crimes committed. In many national legislations there are national standards and analyzes for police crime recording in order to obtain objective and realistic data essential for further monitoring, detection and processing, both by the criminal justice system and by the police services themselves. There is a need for consistency and uniformity among police officers when recording it, while on the other hand, the establishment and proper application of such standards can increase public confidence in police statistics. The above mentioned issues are subject of research and elaboration within this article.

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