Marginalization, stigmatization and social exclusion and their relation to criminal behaviour prior and during incarceration

Stefanovska, Vesna (2020) Marginalization, stigmatization and social exclusion and their relation to criminal behaviour prior and during incarceration. ”, Casopis Socijalna misao XXVII/1. pp. 7-25.

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The structural processes of marginalization, stigmatization, and social exclusion are one of crucial factors that generate crime in one society. They are interconnected processes that push young people into crime. In fact, marginalized people are both socially excluded and vice versa. They are on the margins of the society, rejected and forgotten, without equal access to social, cultural and other public services offered by the state. On the other hand, stigmatization comes as a consequence of the primary deviant and criminal behavior, which further exacerbates such behavior. Often, young people who have deviant behaviour are labeled as problematic boys or girls or as deviants, which turn them in more serious forms of crime. Based on that, this paper examines the influence of those processes on deviant and criminal behaviour of young offenders prior and during incarceration. Analysis is based on qualitative data collected by using in-depth interviews with incarcerated young inmates in one educational-correctional facility. The main findings pertain to the recognition that young inmates have history of social exclusion and marginalization, but that processes are further supported by the correctional facility and by the system in general during their incarceration. This small scale survey is particularly valuable in filling up the exiting empirical gap and findings within criminological and penological literature and might be used as a basis for developing prerequisites for eliminating, or at least, mitigating negative consequences * Vesna Stefanovska, associate professor at the Faculty of security – Skopje. Социјална мисао 1/202010 of the structural process of marginalization, stigmatization and discrimination on young inmates.

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