Some feminist perspectives in criminology

Stefanovska (Stojkovska), Vesna (2018) Some feminist perspectives in criminology. Journal of Criminology and Criminal Law Vol. 56/3. pp. 59-72.

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The development of feminist criminology began in the 70s with the idea to raise the visibility of women within the criminological re- search, addressing their role as offenders and as victims, and to under- stand crime as a male activity, not only as a result of sex differences, but also as a result of gender differences. In addition, ignoring the fe- male criminality by traditional criminology also puts aside other issues such as the role of the criminal justice system in their criminalization and victimization. In doing so, they start from the assumption that male and female offending result from qualitatively different gender process- es. But, feminist-oriented criminologists vary according to several fem- inist perspectives and waves that were developed in the second half of the last century. This and other gender issues related to the limitation of the traditional criminology in explaining female crime and to the main feminist perspectives on gender inequality within different femi- nist movements consist the theoretical debate and subject of theoretical debate in this article.

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