The Influence of growth rate on productive characteristics at dairy heifers fed with maternal whole milk and milk replacer

Karapetkovska-Hristova, Vesna and Ahmad, M. Ayaz and Kitanovski, Dimce and Kocoski, Ljupce and Trajkovska, Biljana (2014) The Influence of growth rate on productive characteristics at dairy heifers fed with maternal whole milk and milk replacer. International J. of Engineering Research and Industrial Applications (IJERIA), 7 (2). pp. 53-64. ISSN 0974-1518

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Producing high quality heifers that will express their genetic potential for milk production and allow optimal duration in the milking herd (longevity) is a priority objective to balance the investment of 15-20% of total costs of milk production with a net return to the dairy. The primary accent of this research work is to study the nutrition of female calves with whole milk in the first 90 days after the birth, and could be applied in the rearing methods in the management of the herd of replacement heifers. For this aim we were used fourteen female calves of Holstein-Friesian breed and divided it into two groups named as; experimental group A-7 and control group B-7 (calves fed on colostral milk during the first seven days, and later fed according the standard routines). T-test we have calculated by statistical analysis and its values were showing important diferences between the parameters of two groups of heifers (group A and group B) on a level of p < 0.05 and p < 0.01. The results referring to the weight of heifers (group A) when calving and lactation showed high dependence, high degree of correlation (r = 0.79) by the interrelation of body mass during the sixth measurement and average daily milk yield in the first month of lactation – of group A. Finally, we have reached a degree of correlation of (r =0.85) which confirms that calving weight and the increased growth rate have a positive influence over the milk yield in the period of first lactation which already confirms the established results on a global level. ----------------------------------- Keywords: Holstein-Friesian breed of cattle, growthrate, milk production in the first lactation.

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Date Deposited: 10 Apr 2020 23:10
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