(Dis-) Trust between the Government and the citizens as the Cause of (dis-) stability of the society

Tuntevski, Nikola (2018) (Dis-) Trust between the Government and the citizens as the Cause of (dis-) stability of the society. Knowledge International Journal Scientific Papers, 22. pp. 677-682. ISSN 1857-923X

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There is no society in which citizens are not bombarded every day by the self-pleading of the government as to how they deserve their well-being. With thus political establishment want to convince citizens that the more they believe in it, there is the greater prospects for their prosperity. At the same time, they strive to create relations of paternalism with citizens, in which they will abstract her faults and will be satisfied with what they have received. But more important than what the government does for society is that - what citizens think about it. In this sentence is the truth about the stability of every society. The trust of citizens in government is an essential element for every society's "health" and its further progress. And vice versa, once the trust collapses and turns into a lack and mutual accusation, the legitimacy of the existing government will gradually decline. In this context, this paper seeks to address three interrelated questions: 1. How to achieve a higher degree of trust between civil society and political power and is it possible to measure its parameters? 2. How much corruption affects the mutual trust between civil and political society? & 3. What measures are necessary for increasing the social trust of citizens in the government? Keywords: trust, corruption, power, civil society, stability

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