Gerginova, Tatjana (2023) DANGERS TO NATIONAL SECURITY FROM HYBRID THREATS. IRASA International Scientific Conference SCIENCE, EDUCATION, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION SETI V 2023. pp. 587-600. ISSN ISBN 978-86-81512-11-1

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In the modern world, threats come from state and non-state actors who increasingly use "soft" power mechanisms (political, economic, information) to weaken institutions, economies and societies and threaten national security. In the introductory part of the paper, the author will give some scientific definitions of the term "threats". Also, the author will analyze the terms: "asymmetric threats" and "hybrid threats". In the final part of the paper, the author states – modern threats have a complex content, therefore the need for a response to the entire society is imposed. Every modern society needs to build an effective concept for dealing with a series of challenges such as terrorism, violent extremism and radicalism, proliferation of weapons, disruption of energy supply, as well as defense against cyber and hybrid threats.
Hence, every country should be able to adapt to the unpredictable, complex and changing security reality. This implies the need to build national capacities to improve resilience to these threats through a broader, more integrated and better coordination approach at the national level.

The content will be created based on the analysis of foreign literature and using electronic content. In preparing the content of the paper, the author will apply the general scientific methods: the descriptive method, the normative method, the comparative method and the content analysis method as a special scientific method.

Key words: endangerment, asymmetric threats, hybrid threats, building national resilience

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