Small Businesses - Between the Development Intensification and Their Problems

Karadjova, Vera and Dicevska, Snezana and Nikolovski, Pece and Menkinoski, Goce and Zdravkoski, Igor (2016) Small Businesses - Between the Development Intensification and Their Problems. International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR). ISSN 2307-4531

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Small businesses operate in the same environment and the same dramatic changes as well as those for the large
enterprises influence on them: the great global competition, rapid technological changes, unstable environment,
the need to achieve more with less input, providing funds on the financial markets under the same conditions as
for the large businesses, changes in the demographic structure of the population and labor force, etc. Smaller
firms are even better in their effort to cope with changes in the environment because of the velocity and
flexibility provided by small dimensions. However, many entrepreneurs at the same time are business owners
and managers, they do not have enough knowledge and experience to maintain and develop the business, just
intuitively know the management processes (from planning to control), do not know the financial indicators and
because of that they intuitively and by hazard make financial decisions, they are focused on daily activities, so
that they miss long-term activities and plans for continued growth of the company. At a time of dramatic
changes in all spheres of life, small businesses also must focus on the future and the changes that it brings.
The long-term perspective of small businesses gives greater guarantee for the company survival in terms of
everyday, dramatic changes and creates wide prospects and opportunities for development of the national
economy as a whole.
In this direction the paper will briefly elaborate the need for small businesses stimulation, their support and
assistance, taking into account their strengths and their role as one of the factors which accelerate economic
development. This is coupled with the issue of weaknesses and problems facing small businesses, as well as the
relevance of the importance and the position of small businesses in every economic structure. The paper is
summarized with the need for support and assistance of small businesses and with the advantages of small
businesses that create opportunities for development.

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