Design Considerations for a Generic Graph Database in Archival Document Management

Hristoski, Ilija and Stojanov, Jelena and Stojanov, Željko (2023) Design Considerations for a Generic Graph Database in Archival Document Management. In: 13th International Conference on Applied Internet and Information Technologies (AIIT2023), October 13th, 2023, Bitola, North Macedonia.

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In the digital age, managing archival documents in both physical and digital formats poses a significant challenge due to the sheer volume and complexity of historical records. Traditional relational databases often struggle to capture the intricate relationships and interconnectedness present in archival data. This research paper explores the utilization of property graphs, for creating a robust and efficient graph database system aimed at storing, organizing, and retrieving archival documents. By representing documents and their associated metadata as nodes and relationships in a graph, we propose a generic graph database design that can serve as a comprehensive framework for modeling and querying interconnected historical data, supporting efficient and adaptable archival document management. The paper contributes insights into designing graph databases that harmonize with the intricate nature of archived documents while catering to the evolving needs of modern archival practices.

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Subjects: Scientific Fields (Frascati) > Natural sciences > Computer and information sciences
Divisions: Faculty of Economics
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Date Deposited: 08 Dec 2023 20:56
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