Zlatko Sovreski, Technicki fakultet pri UKLO Bitola and Misko Dzidrov, Masinski fakultet pri UGD Stip and Elizabeta Hristovska, Technicki fakultet pri UKLO Bitola and Vangelica Jovanovska, Biotehnicki fakultet pri UKLO Bitola and Mojsoska, Natasa and Feta Sinani, DUT Tetovo (2022) ANALYSIS OF ENGINE OILS IN MODERN DIESEL ENGINES. ODRZLIVI RAZVOJ BRANICESKOG OKRUGA I ENERGETSKOG KOMPLEKSA KOSTOLAC. ISSN 978-86-914447-7-4

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In this paper we analyze motor oils in modern oil engines. There is an indisputable need to diagnose
all engines, including diesel, nowadays in order to track their condition in terms of timely prevention
and occurrence of unwanted engine damage.
By diagnosing motor oils in modern oil engines, their properties are monitored and monitored, on
which the more controlled operation of the engine during its life depends.
The first prerequisite for early diagnosis of the condition of the engine is the correct determination
of the causes in the engine oil by following its parameters: viscosity, ignition point, water, glycol, TBN,
TAN, oxidation, sulfur, soot, elements of pollution, and abrasive metals.
Motor oil fulfills its functions is equipped with a package of accessories - additives.
Keywords: motor oils, additives, diesel-engine engines

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Divisions: Faculty of Technical Sciences
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Date Deposited: 20 Nov 2023 09:30
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