Моделот на тимско водство според Хил и организациската рамка според Адаир како потребни фактори за ефикасност и ефективност во работата на една организација Битола,

Joshevska, Fanche (2014) Моделот на тимско водство според Хил и организациската рамка според Адаир како потребни фактори за ефикасност и ефективност во работата на една организација Битола,. Doctoral thesis, University "St.Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola.

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The modern management of the intellectual capital of an organization, as a major determinant for efficient and effective operation of the organization has access of a
teamwork. Teamwork means quality leadership which is essential for successful team leading. Along with this arises the need for a proper construction of the organizational framework from which arise the opportunities for a quality performance of processes and procedures which are provided to achieve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. It is structured by three pillars: purpose, practice and achievements, which are mutually connected and conditioned, giving a functional whole. Basic foundation upon which is built the overall operation of the organization, are the functional culture and the
„healthy“ work environment. The organizational culture is a determinant that affects the level of motivation of every member of the organization, its development, as well as the
way of its managing. Depending on its structure and valid items, it represents the basis for creating a creative strategy that is a prerequisite for the implementation of the mission and achieving the organizational vision. Good organizational climate means properly constructed
communication, mutual respect which reaches level of cooperation and unity both within the teams and in the whole organization. It creates conditions for creative execution of the working processes in conditions of reliability and it builts an opportunity for innovative behavior of each individual who feels the organization as an opportunity to build professional and career development, which on the other hand is imperative for achieving organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
In this doctoral dissertation is presented an application model that can be called a key tool to achieve development and growth of the organization. Constructed from multiple
blocks completely mutually connected, it enables continuous improvement of each life cycle of the organizational work. The established two-way relationship between the blocks
and what arises from the structural elements of the team learning, it imposes the necessity of permanent changes that will be treated as a challenge and an opportunity from what
arises the need of constant organizational learning. Its value increases furthermore with the possibility of its implementation and institutionalization in all aspects of the organizational working. The designed model is the basis for a creative implementation of the work process in the organization and beyond.

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