House Design in the 19th Century: Urban and Rural Vernacular Architecture of North Macedonia

Namicev, Petar and Nestoroska, Ivanka (2023) House Design in the 19th Century: Urban and Rural Vernacular Architecture of North Macedonia. Journal of the International Society for the Study of Vernacular Settlements, 10 (6). pp. 15-25. ISSN 2738-2222

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This study delves into the captivating world of 19th-century house design in North Macedonia, shedding light on the enchanting interplay between the rural and urban vernacular architecture. Its aim is to uncover the local characteristics and influences that have shaped residential architecture in both landscapes, including the indelible mark of Ottoman residential buildings and the allure of Mediterranean concepts. The research employs a multi-stage methodology, collecting data during 2018-2020 through on-site field trips to three villages and three cities in North Macedonia known for their traditional houses. This involved observing external and internal features, measuring their architectural appearance, and photographing them. The collected data were processed based on criteria to determine differences in the design of rural and urban houses resulting in original drawings.
The investigation examines diverse facets of building structures, durability, decoration, interior furnishings, applied materials, and construction methods. The objective of the study is to reveal the unique features and qualities that distinguish rural and urban house designs. It emphasizes the importance of preserving cultural identity by safeguarding architectural traditions. It argues that by valuing the indigenous and local characteristics, one can acquire a better understanding of the historical and cultural significance of these structures. This comprehension can, in turn, inform modern architecture and inspire new design ideas that could incorporate traditional elements.
Its findings and insights will be of interest to scholars and practitioners in the fields of architecture, cultural studies, history, and beyond, beckoning those seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the significance of vernacular architecture in North Macedonia.
Keywords: Built environment, Construction, Tradition, Culture, North Macedonia.

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