Limani, Dzemail (2020) ГОВОРОТ НА ОМРАЗА ВО МУЛТИЕТНИЧКИ СРЕДИНИ ВО РЕПУБЛИКА МАКЕДОНИЈА. Doctoral thesis, University "St.Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola.

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In modern societies, law is seen as a powerful tool for constructing social reality and involving all individuals in modern social life. It is in this direction that the international community's efforts to identify problems in societies and find legal solutions and recommendations to national legislation to regulate certain issues and to codify criminal behaviors that pose a danger to citizens and their functioning in society. As a special problem of modern society that is rooted in the past, it is the hatred and behavior of individuals and groups caused by hatred, which are more pronounced in multiethnic environments where problems are more felt and an obstacle to normal functioning, especially in communities that are different. National ethnic and religious affiliation. These are problems that threaten security at the local, regional and national levels, and the problems are reflected globally. The security problems of modern societies, and especially of transitional societies, such as the Republic of Macedonia for three decades, in addition to economic, political, are the problems of communities facing certain types of discrimination, intolerance and intolerance. These phenomena are manifested in many forms and forms of expression, as one of the more dangerous phenomena that with the help of information technology and computer systems and networks are increasingly spreading and posing a real danger is hate speech. Hate speech is any form of expression that promotes hatred towards one or more people because of their personal characteristics or belonging to a particular group or community. And as a victim of hate speech, everyone can be because hatred can exist on different grounds, ie because of race, skin color, gender, marginalized group affiliation, ethnicity, language, citizenship, social origin, religion or religion belief, other types of beliefs, education, political affiliation, personal or social status, mental or physical disability, age, marital or marital status, property status, sexual orientation, gender identity of people that. Hate speech is a serious social problem that has a security character and its study, prevention research causes special interest especially in how hate speech is manifested, where it is most often manifested, whether and how much citizens are concerned about this phenomenon and their normal living in environments where their family has lived for generations and whether and how the institutions of the system have a legal basis for reaction and what is their reaction in dealing with cases of hate speech

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
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Divisions: Doctoral Dissertations
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Date Deposited: 31 Oct 2023 13:24
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