Susak, Ivona (2019) ГРУПНО ИЗВРШУВАЊЕ НА КРИВИЧНИТЕ ДЕЛА КАЈ ДЕЦАТА ВО РЕПУБЛИКА МАКЕДОНИЈА ЗА ПЕРИОДОТ ОД 2005- 2015 ГОДИНА. Doctoral thesis, University "St.Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola.

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Association of people in processes of fulfilling their common goals is a characteristic of every area of human‟s social life. The fact that together people can achieve a greater effect is the main motive why association is used in criminal sphere. But, we should never forget how
dangerous "concursus delinquentium" is.
Co - offending is not only a special form of committing a crime, but also a special crime phenomenon (collective crime) which is much more dangerous than crimes committed by a single perpetrator. Collective crime is an accumulation of criminal energy, as a result of which a conscious and intentional association emerges. In criminal law‟s theory a crime committed by few persons changes the level of social danger, because co- offending deepens the problem of crimes.
One of the most common phenomenological signs of criminality among children is group commission of crime offences, which means the participation of two or more children when
engaging in criminal action. This feature is emphasized among this type of perpetrators because of the sense of insecurity as an integral element of personality, then the need of support for committing the crime and the motive to be seen by others as a manifestation of his power and strength, feigned fearlessness etc.
From the overall research conducted in order to empirically verify the hypotheses set out in the dissertation, in the stated period it is concluded that children engage in criminal activities by forming groups of several perpetrators (usually two), the groups are spontaneously formed in order to commit a crime and it disbands after its exposure and initiation of criminal procedure. So far there haven‟t been registered many gangs with elements of strong hierarchical organization and leadership in the groups, but it should never be a mitigating circumstance, and this complex issue should always draw the interest of the
authorities. On the contrary, all of this clearly indicates children‟s criminal association and forming groups for criminal offending. Therefore it is necessary to take appropriate measures based on scientific grounds for prevention and suppression of this socially unacceptable and
dangerous organizing of young people.

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