Conditions in the prisons in the Republic of Macedonia: opportunities for resocialization or degradation

Mojanoski, Cane T. and Dimovska, Elena (2015) Conditions in the prisons in the Republic of Macedonia: opportunities for resocialization or degradation. Faculty of Security - Skopje, Ohrid.

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A prison is an establishment controlled by the state in which inmates
are forcibly confined and some of their rights are restricted with a legal court
decision. But although the prison sentence is a type of punishment, the main
purpose of imprisonment is not to punish the person for the crime that he / she
committed. The main purpose of the prison sentence is to re-educate the
prisoner, to make them understand the essence and the consequences of their
act, and with a broad range of re-socialization measures to prepare them for
returning in the social community, but as a completely changed and better
person. To achieve that, the state organs have to apply many standards
provided by the international organizations and conventions and also to apply
the conditions prescribed in the national legislation. That minimal standard
refers to the health care of the inmates, appropriate material conditions,
sufficient size of cellular accommodation with high hygiene, adequate access
to natural light and a purposeful regime for prisoners which will not be treated
like the last stain in the society, but as equal human beings.
Regardless to that, this paper attempts to show, through comprehensive
analysis, whether the Republic of Macedonia strives to provide the best
practices that are required by all legal regulations that refer to this matter.
According to that, the focus of this paper is placed on the following questions:
whether the conditions in the Macedonian prisons satisfy the minimum
prescribed standards and whether the situation in the Macedonian prisons
enables successful resettlement and rehabilitation of prisoners, or lead to their
degradation and thus to increase the rate of recidivism? To give answers to the
researched questions, this paper analyzes the national legislation, the relevant
literature and the relevant international acts, reports, and proposals.
Key words: prison, inmates, re-socialization, recidivism

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