Risteski, Michael (2019) ТУРИСТИЧКА ВАЛОРИЗАЦИЈА КАКО ОСНОВА НА УПРАВУВАЊЕТО СО ТУРИСТИЧКИОТ ПРОСТОР. Doctoral thesis, University "St.Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola.

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Tourism is a multidimensional phenomenon with an emphasized massiveness in global terms. The
contemporary conditions for operating in the field of tourism are characterized by fierce competition.
Competition on the tourism market can be at different levels. From the tourists’ perspective, the tourism
products they consume are complex structures that involve a high number of actors and subjects in a certain
area. In fact, tourists traveling in a certain tourist area perceive individually and differently the tourist products
that are being offered to them. Tourist products are the collections of individual services, contents and activities
offered to tourists while visiting and staying in certain regions (also called tourist destinations). The individual
components of the tourist destination offer must be interconnected with each other. This is done in order to offer
unique tourist experiences. Therefore, there is a need for managing the tourist areas. The bearers of such
management activities are usually specialized structures or organizations. In order the various managerial
functions to be successfully performed, these organizations should have full insight into all available conditions,
aspects and elements of the tourist area in which they operate. For that purpose, it is necessary to establish
different systems for evaluating the available components, which is known as tourist valorization.
The concept of tourist valorization is only partially and sporadically examined on the territory of the
Republic of Macedonia. Furthermore, managing tourist areas by specific destination management organizations
has not yet been implemented on a satisfactory level. In such conditions of tourism development, the idea
developed for writing this doctoral thesis. From this emerged the need for expanding the concept of tourist
valorization in the domestic scientific and professional field. This is made possible through a comprehensive,
substantial and systematic analysis of the tourist valorization process in the function of improving the
management of tourist areas.
The basic subject of this research paper consists of determining the place, role, function, types and
approaches of tourist valorization in the processes of managing tourist areas. This doctoral thesis has a dual
purpose. On the one hand, it should contribute to the enrichment of the scientific thought with contemporary
concepts and approaches for tourist valorization. On the other hand, the results and knowledge of the paper
should be in function of intensifying the tourism development on a specific territory.
The research process through all its phases was performed with the use of a conceptual theoretical and
methodological framework, which consisted of both office and empirical analysis. Through this, primary and
secondary data and findings were obtained. The collection, systematization and processing of data, as well as the
presentation of the obtained results, were made possible through the application of quantitative and qualitative
research approaches. The cabinet research conducted in this paper involved the reference of a wide range of
international scientific and professional literature. The empirical research activities involved the implementation
of contemporary methodological approaches for valorization of several aspects of tourism. The scientific -
applicative verification of this paper consists of the practical use of sublimated knowledge, global experiences
and best practices for the valorization process in a defined tourist area. Thus, the case study within the paper
refers to the Ohrid tourist area, which was chosen because of the fact that this is the most developed tourist
region in the Republic of Macedonia and beyond. The gained research results helped in making conclusions and
suggestions that have the aim to intensify and promote tourism development. This should serve as a framework
for creative use of various valorization approaches in the processes of tourism management, not only on the
territory of the Ohrid tourist area, but also beyond.

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