Дијаспората во функција на развој на туризмот во Опоље и Гора

Aga, Sherif (2020) Дијаспората во функција на развој на туризмот во Опоље и Гора. Doctoral thesis, University "St.Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola.

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The purpose of a doctoral dissertation on the topic of Diaspora in the function of tourism
development in Opolje and Gora is to examine the capacities, ie, opportunities of investing diaspora in tourism in Opolje and Gora, and to highlight the predictive factors that influence tourism development in Opolje and Gora. Tourism as an economic activity is a multidimensional phenomenon characterized by a pronounced mass on a global scale. Modern working conditions in the field of tourism are characterized by strong competitiveness. By involving the diaspora in
the function of tourism development in this part of Kosovo, we will achieve a more efficient analysis and valorization of natural resources, anthropogenic, infrastructural, supra-structural and investment tourism resources in the regions of Opolje and Gore, and beyond. The aim of this paper
is to point out the development potential of the diaspora and their willingness to invest in tourism
development, as well as to create policies and develop concrete initiatives and various forms of cooperation between local and central authorities with the expatriate community, with the aim of pointing out the need to become more fully acquainted with the tourist and economic market in the region. and the opportunity to market goods and the tourist supply of goods in that market, as
well as to provide inspiring examples for other municipalities in Kosovo. We know that regions
with little developed tourism infrastructure and supra structure, but in this doctoral dissertation we
have included a diaspora that will advance the tourism industry in these regions, and develop tourism as an industry branch in Dragash municipality. One of the motives that influenced the choice of the doctoral dissertation under the title "Diaspora in the Function of Tourism
Development in Opolje and Gora" is low economic development, lack of information on the potentials and problems of the area of this part of Kosovo, lack of interest of investors,
entrepreneurs and managers for finding roads and the creation of a policy of accelerated development of the area and its removal from economic backwardness, impose the need for a 4 careful study of the area. In this paper we want to look at the legal conditions, ie, the legal
easements by the local and central institutions, which influence the development of tourism. Based on the identified factors and the results of the research, we will present in this paper the steps that need to be implemented in reality in order to make tourism in this area one of the main branches of existence of the local population

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