Influence of different sweeteners on sensory attributes of raspberry jams

Stamatovska, Viktorija and Karakashova, Ljubica and Jankuloska, Vezirka and Durmishi, Namik (2023) Influence of different sweeteners on sensory attributes of raspberry jams. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Production and Processing ICAPP 2022. pp. 70-78.

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Jams are an alternative for fruit preservation, and usually, they are prepared with a high amount of sugars, mainly sucrose. There is great interest in jam production with a lower amount of sucrose or with another type of sweetener replacement because modern consumers are concerned about the nutritional and caloric value of food they consume. They are interested in healthier food with the sensory characteristics of the sucrose-based product.
Thus, this study investigates the influence of different sweeteners on the sensory attributes of raspberry jams (Willamette raspberry jams and Wild raspberry jams). The jams were prepared with different sweeteners (fructose, sorbitol, agave syrup, and a low amount of sucrose). The sensory analysis was performed by scoring method for jelly products assessment. The sensory attributes were assessed by 10 highly experienced testers, using a different number of points: color 0-4, smell 0-2, taste 0-8, and consistency 0-6.
The results of sensory analysis of processed raspberry jams showed good acceptability. However, both types of raspberry jams with sorbitol, assessed with the highest average total grade have better sensory attributes as compared with jams prepared with other sweeteners. The Willamette raspberry jams and Wild raspberry jams prepared with agave syrup had the lowest average grade for all sensory attributes. Our results suggest that sorbitol used as a sweetener in both types of jams was the best option for sucrose replacement.

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