Marija, Stojanoska and Vaska, Atanasova (2023) ,,DYNAMIC SPEED ADAPTATION’’. KNOWLEDGE - International Journal, 57 (3). pp. 423-428. ISSN 2545-4439

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Smart cities integrate data collection and communication technologies to operate more efficiently in order
to provide better services to citizens, improved road traffic conditions, better economic development, etc. Road
safety is the process of implementing measures to reduce the number of road accidents, deaths and serious injuries.
The purpose of this paper is to show the consequences caused by vehicles and ways to improve them. The
introduction of intelligent transport systems enables more efficient implementation of transport, greater safety,
control and adjustment of speed. Information technology offers the means to realize this option using the concept of
"Intelligent Speed Adjustment" (ISA). It is a system that is installed in vehicles and with its help, through visual,
auditory or other means, indicates to the driver that he is not moving according to the safe speed on the road and
provides him with information, warns the driver when he exceeds the permitted limit or controls them brakes or
throttle to prevent exceeding a safe speed. The way this works id by installing a device for locating the position of
the GPS in the vehicle that is built inside the vehicle, also, built-in cameras that load the set traffic signs, a digital
map that is constantly updated and etc. The data is collected through the video camera but due to various reasons,
bad weather conditions, obstacles the data is combined with the digital map. The speed limit is displayed on the
vehicles dashboard. If the driver does not reduce the speed then the engine power is automatically reduced. There
are a number of advantages and disadvantages of the application of this device, such as saving fuel and reducing the
emission of harmful gases, but also a feeling of frustration, reduced attention, reluctance, incorrectness, outdated road signs, not updated digital maps, etc. This system has been installed in a large number of vehicles, both passenger and cargo, which has proven to be successful and is being introduced further into new series of vehicles.
According to research, it was shown that excessive speed leads to 30% of traffic accidents, but with the introduction
of this system for dynamic adaptation, the number of accidents with fatal injuries and serious injuries has decreased.

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