Socialization and adaptation in the perceptions of the citizens of Republic of Macedonia regarding police work

Mojanoski, Cane T. (2012) Socialization and adaptation in the perceptions of the citizens of Republic of Macedonia regarding police work. In: In: Security and euroatlantic perspectives of the Balkans : policescience and police profession (states and perspectives):International scientific conference, 25-28 May 2012, Ohrid.

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Contemporary approaches - when treating socialization as a phenomenon -
appear within the altered research paradigms and considerably altered context of
the contemporary social and particularly political events. The socialization issue
becomes a matter of interest when there is interest in science directed towards
defining the consequences and their impact on the individual behavior regarding
the functioning of the institutions and the system as a whole. The constant and
systematic research of socialization started within the social, and particularly
criminal and other sciences. Therefore, the definitions about socialization,
especially the political one, are quite important in this work and have no tendencies
of being comprehensive. They comprise all roles and emphasize the necessity of
interdisciplinary approach.
Socialization is a process of social learning in which individuals and the
social groups gain relatively permanent orientations and forms of behavior
regarding institutions, processes and values.
This work analyzes the research results from the citizens’ attitudes
regarding the work of the police, and in my personal opinion, the issues regarding
the orientations, processes and values expressed through the process of
socialization will be emphasized. In this context we will focus on the research
results which refer to identification of the individuals with the police, their role,
forms of loyalty, and the general perceptions of the police within the society.
Key words: socialization, political socialization, identifications, values,
processes, institutions.

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