Antoska-Knights, Vesna and Kalevska, Tatjana (2023) APPLIED STATISTICS AS A TOOL IN QUALITY CONTROL ON ADVANCED PRODUCTION. International Conference on Advanced Production and Processing. pp. 206-214.

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Nowadays, the application of statistical methods takes an increasingly important role in the
management of companies, especially in the process of increasing quality, reducing costs, and
increasing productivity. The purpose of this paper is to present Statistical Process Control (SPC)
through a concrete example in production and processing and to find applications in other areas of
technology such as advanced production and higher control. In the process of encouraging small
and medium-sized companies in their development, it is necessary to implement computer
technology in every segment of the processes. This paper will help to better understand this SPC
through its statistical calculation, but also its implementation in companies by offering a suitable
solution for its application through code. Applied statistics is a powerful tool in the area of SPC
and it is very popular in the industry. The main objective of the control chart is to improve
manufacturing processes by revealing the variability which is related to certain (specific) reasons.
Once the underlying cause of variation is determined, managers take action to fix the process.
Applications of statistical methods are in order to visualize, interpret and anticipate outcomes over
collected data. It means to enable managers to make objective decisions based on analysis and
experience and based on the analysis and processing of statistical data.
Keywords: applied statistics, statistical process control, SPC

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