Kostadinovska, Nikolina and Ristevska, Marija and Gramatkovski, Biljana (2023) ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER. Teacher, 25. pp. 48-58. ISSN 1857-8888

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD –attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and ADD –attention deficit disorder (ADD) are neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by symptoms of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity, and in the case of ADD it is attention without hyperactivity, which contradicts the child's developmental level. With all the research that is being doneand that notes scientific knowledge, the picture of ADHD is changing and there are more specific prognoses and treatments for ADHD.This syndrome includes an increased motor activity in the child that is followed by a lack of attention and unpredictable and impulsive reactions.It can appear in the second or third year, but it is usually diagnosed when the child starts school. In the case when only the symptoms of a lack of attention are observed in a child or an adult, and they are not followed by hyperactivity, then it is about ADD (attention deficit disorder) -lack of attention. These people are withdrawn and lethargic, they live in their own world, they are quite sensitive, and they are often accused of being lazy and unmotivated, so they become anxious with low self-esteem (Ristevska, 2018). But many of them are highly intelligent and thanks to their sensitivity and creativity, they can find themselves in music, sports, art, and other areas that interest them.The aim of this thesis is to present and analyze attention deficit and hyperactivity in ADHD and ADD syndromes. Thesesyndromes are one of the most common developmental problems that appear in childhood and continue throughout life. ADHD and ADD syndromes are and have been present in the past and continue to appear in more and more people, so there is a need for more research related to the topic of attention deficit and hyperactivity in both syndromes.Inclusion is becoming more frequent and present in people's lives, and ADHD and ADD syndromes are one of the most prevalent problems today.In this thesis, the history will be mentioned first and will be accompanied by explanations of the terms ADHD and ADD. Then follows an explanation of the differences between the two syndromes. The daily life of children with ADHD and ADD will also be mentioned. This thesis would not be complete without explaining the different types of ADHD and ADD, but also what factors contribute to the development of these syndromes. As the main goal of this thesis, attention deficit and hyperactivity in ADHD and attention deficit in ADD will be addressed. The characteristic signs of the disorder will also be mentioned. As the last but not least important part of this thesis, a treatment will be offered on how the two syndromes are diagnosed, the possible prevention, and the treatments that follow after the diagnosis of these syndromes.

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