Negotiating Environmental Concerns

Gavric, Nevena and Ivanov, Aleksandar (2013) Negotiating Environmental Concerns. The Balkans between Past and Future: Security, Conflict Resolution and Euro – Atlantic integration. pp. 491-507.

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The question that arises before explanation of any global
environmental issues is the question of whether a man is the master of nature, or how much love and respect for other living creatures on this planet is required in order to obtain balance? Using knowledge, methods, techiques, skills (mental, physical, technical and technological), the man has
become "independent" of the nature as well as her "master". Is this true? The Environmental protection requires developed cross-border cooperation and also an increasingly important position in the international negotiations
at all levels. International negotiations are still primarily concerned with seeking peaceful solutions for disputes and conflicts in general. On international level related to Environmental protection, the issue of
compensation is one of the top issues. This paper makes a theoretical elaboration of the negotiation as an essential tool of the diplomacy especially in the context of achieving
environmental compliance issues. It also explains the development and manifestation of negotiations in the past, related to Environmental issues. The paper also detects entities appearing as the parties of interest, those who advocate positions. Empirical dimension of this paper are the case studies of the negotiations in Rio in 1992, Kyoto in 1997 and Rio+20 in 2012. The paper consists of five parts as follows: 1. Defining the Negotiations; 2. Specifics of the negotiations related to Environmental issues; 3. Objectives of Negotiations; 4. Levels of Endangering the
Environment; 5. Case studies.

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