Debasement Language as a Subset of Political Incivility: Characteristics and Effects

Neshkovska, Silvana and Strezovska Trajkova, Zorica (2023) Debasement Language as a Subset of Political Incivility: Characteristics and Effects. In: Dissing Opponents, Journalists, and Minorities in Populist Leadership Communication,. Springer nature, London, United Kingdom,, pp. 15-33. ISBN 978-981-99-0893-6

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Abstract On the pretext of safeguarding democratic values in contemporary societies, various forms of debasement language have become an integral part of political
discourse. Impregnating political speeches, statements, debates, and discussions with
coarse language that normally targets political opponents as well as other potential
victims is not a new trend. However, most of the literature dedicated to defining incivility in political discourse mainly focuses on the use of hate speech. The chapter at
hand aspires to offer a deeper analysis of the concept of debasement language as part
of incivility in politics and offers answers to several key questions: (1) what exactly
is debasement language and what types of debasement language are used in political
discourse; (2) why is such language used; (3) who is the target of political debasement
discourse; and (4) how such language affects individuals and the democratic process
in modern societies. Several instances of debasement language used by current and
former politicians, from different countries in the world, generated on various platforms (TV, newspapers, social media, etc.), and appearing in different formats (press
statements, political speeches, TV debates, etc.), will be used to illustrate the points

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