The role of education in natural disaster risk reduction

Ivanov, Aleksandar and Cvetković, Vladimir (2014) The role of education in natural disaster risk reduction. Horizons – International Scientific Journal, Series A, Social Sciences and Humanities,, 16. pp. 115-130.

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Аbstract: Having in mind that the number of natural disasters is constantly
growing, and it produces more serious consequences for the humans and
their material goods, it is essential all the preventive measures to be taken in order to reduce the risk of natural disasters to a minimum. In the XXI century, the role of this type of education has become unequivocally clear and recognized. The importance of education for that purpose has been recognized and confirmed at numerous international conventions and conferences, with a clear emphasis that schools, the families and the local communities play a decisive role in reducing the severity of consequences
caused by natural disasters, through the process of developing awareness and knowledge of natural disasters.
Considering the importance of education in order to reduce the riscs of disasters, in the paper the role of schools that represent major entities in playing a key role in providing basic information about the natural disasters is explained. Besides the schools, in the developing of the
awwareness for the natural disasters a significant role also have the higher education institutions and therefore it is very important of considering the current trends in this field as well as the future development of their role in
the education and developing awareness about. Finally, a particular attention is dedicated to the role of the family and the community in this process.Key words: education, natural disaster, reduction of risk, emergency
situations, security.

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