Ivanov, Aleksandar (2018) TOWARDS DETERMINING THE SUBJECT OF FORENSIC ECOLOGY. International Scientific Conference Security System Reforms as Precondition for Euro-Atlantic Integrations, III. pp. 121-134.

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Reason for writing and research problem(s): The importance of the environment in the context of its increased ambivalence with the economic development, as well as the need for its protection and promotion, contributes to the fact that Environmental crime represents part of everyday life. The characteristics of this type of crime include: high profits, international dimension, specific differences in the developed and the countries in development, different perceptions of the people, etc. The characteristics of this crime include, inter alia, specificities in detecting traces and evidence of this type of crime while taking procedural and material actions. The field of environmental forensics has expanded greatly in the past 20 years, growing from a specialized data analysis focused on analytical chemistry data into a multidisciplinary, multifaceted range of applications of chemical, geospatial, historical, hydrogeological, and geochronological data combined with powerful statistical and other data analytics, such as transport modelling. Likewise, the motivations for conducting environmental forensics studies have expanded as well. Manu early applications of environmental forensics were for oil spill identification (Bentz, 1976) – studies that were driven by early national and international laws. (Boehm & Murphy, 2015, p. 4) Aims of the paper (scientific and/or social): Hence, the paper will attempt to give a theoretical basis for review of forensic ecology. It is based on a Literature review the Author had made i.e. an overview of the theoretical findings on the basic questions and conceptual determination of the meaning of forensic ecology and its specifics. Methodology/ Design: The paper follows the qualitative approach. Тhrough discussion of
the basic postulates of the findings of forensic ecology, aiming to create a fund of organized knowledge in an area that is in the initial stage of research in Macedonia and its surroundings.
Results/ General Conclusion: Scientific review of the knowledge related to Environmental forensics to address the differences that are present during the investigations of Environmental crime, thus creating basic theoretical knowledge base for additional academic discussions.
Research/ Paper Validity: Review of the areas of scientific research in Forensic Ecology, Attempt to structure the field of interest.

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