Ivanov, Aleksandar (2019) THE INTERNATIONALIZATION OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND CREATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM. Horizons International scientific journal Series A Social Sciences and Humanities. ISSN 1857-9884

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In the last century International governmental and non-governmental organizations are a significant factor that encourages the solving of many issues in the world. Of course, the multilateral character of international
relations, the technical and technological development, communication and access to information are also important factors that influence the vast majority of these processes. In this sense, the United Nations has had a leading role on a global level, and its leading role has been confirmed many
times on many occasions. Although there have been some attempts in history related to ethical issues about the utilization of the environment by man, for real
activities of environmental protection, however, we can speak from the 60s on of the 20th century. During the Cold War, a small number of individuals and states had
payed attention to something different from the usual military intimidation in the 1970s, launching an initiative to intensify international cooperationgiving priority to environmental protection.In terms of the environment, this is particularly important because the environment is collateral damage to the economic interests, and the optimal leveling of these two processes is an extremely difficult task, as demonstrated by the USA's behavior over the last two decades, for example, with the Kyoto agreement and Paris (both organized by the United States with one administration
aprroved, and with the next administration withdrowen from them). This paper discusses the basic ideas and principles of creating the movement of environmental protection, its internationalization, with particular reference to the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP).

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