Dodovski, Petar and Pejcinovska, Natasa and Angelovska, Maja and Jankulovska-Petkovska, Milena and HRISTOVSKA, TALIJA and Zdraveski, Igor and Karabolovski, Nikola and Dameski, Pance and Ristevski, Mimi IODINE IN DAIRY CATTLE: A review. Horizons.

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This review should provide more information about the
importance of iodine in dairy cattle, since milk is considered as valuable
source of iodine in newborn animal nutrition and in recent years in human
nutrition. Iodine is an essential element for thyroid gland function and it
is incorporated into the thyroid hormones, which play key role in energy
metabolism, growth and brain development. Iodine also exert multiple
and complex actions on many organs that capture it, not including its
effects as part of thyroid hormones. Therefore, the adequate iodine
bioavailability and optimal feed intake in dairy cattle is of pivotal
importance for optimal iodine concentration in milk. Its concentrations in
milk may be variable as it is influenced by many factors: iodine intake in
feed, iodine forms used for feeding, iodine supplementation of feed,
presence of goitrogenic substances and its ratio in animal feed, milk yield,
seasonal fluctuations and also farm management.
Key words: dairy cattle, iodine, milk, supplementation

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