The Teachers’ Role in Developing Student’s Moral and Ethical Values

Popovska Nalevska, Gorica and Popovski, Filip (2021) The Teachers’ Role in Developing Student’s Moral and Ethical Values. pedagogika-pedagogy, 93 (1). pp. 100-113. ISSN 1314–8540

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Upbringing as a procedure of creating humans mind andcharacter has always profoundly influenced the youth. Quality teachers areconsidered to be those individuals whose pedagogy is grounded in values andbeliefs that lead to caring positive teacher-student relationships, embedded intrust and high standards of professional ethics. This study explored Macedonianteachers’ attitudes towards introducing Ethical education in the primary educationand their competencies for developing students' moral and ethical values. A Likertscale was used to determine teachers' attitudes towards interpersonal relationshipsin the classroom. Research showed that the initial teacher's education is notenough for quality pedagogical work. Teacher's ethics contains moral normsregarding his behavior in society, attitude towards students, towards colleagues,towards his own work. The practice implemented by competent teachers is anideal environment and model for developing the knowledge, skills and abilitiesthat support the ethical concept. Teachers needed continuous professionaldevelopment throughout the participation in seminars, trainings, courses, andprojects that will provide them with the necessary information, knowledge andskills and enable them to compete pedagogically in the field of: interculturaland multicultural education, democratic education, inclusive education, ethicaleducation, global education

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