Assessment of sexual life and social life in people with multiple sclerosis

Arsovski, Denis (2022) Assessment of sexual life and social life in people with multiple sclerosis. Health Promotion and Physical Activity, 21 (4). pp. 38-45. ISSN 2544-9117 ▪ 2022; 21 (4): 38–45

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Introduction: Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating condition that affects the central nerv-ous system and is most common in young people. Over time, the relapses associated with the disease can cause damage, and within ten years of onset, half of patients may experience progressive symptoms. Unfortunately, once a patient enters a progressive stage, there is no longer any improvement or remission, though some patients may experience a longer period of stability.Objectives: The goal of this study is to examine the relationship between social and sex-ual life in patients with multiple sclerosis, considering the progressive nature of the dis-ease, the fluctuating psychological impact, and the impact on their reproductive abilities.Methods: The study utilized the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Questionnaire to assess the participants. This questionnaire measures quality of life by asking generic and specific questions related to multiple sclerosis, with a total of 18 items addressing specific needs such as fatigue, cognitive function, sexual function, daily activities, social interaction, and more.Results: The results indicated that most women with multiple sclerosis reported de-creased lubrication, while men’s main concern was satisfying their partner. The ma-jority of participants reported being neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with their sexual and social life. The frequency of sexual dysfunction was found to be higher in women with multiple sclerosis compared to the general population, with decreased libido be-ing the most commonly reported issue. Individuals with primary progressive multiple sclerosis were found to have significantly increased problems with sexual function. Conclusion: This study found a correlation between social and sexual life for indi-viduals with multiple sclerosis. As their social life worsened, their sexual life and reproductive capacity were also negatively impacted.

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