Sallauka, Ardian and Janusheva, Violeta (2023) CODE-SWITCHING IN ELT CLASSROOMS IN THE REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO. IJET Teacher, 25. pp. 99-108. ISSN 1857-8888

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The use of the mother tongue also known as L1 as a needed and important constituent in the
L2 classroom has been discussed amongst teachers of English as a foreign/second language for
a long time. Therefore, the present study wants to answer the following research question: What
are the circumstances ELT teachers and students switch between English and Albanian, with
the goal to better understand teachers’ and students’ language choice regarding code switching
in ELT classrooms. In order to reach the goal, a sample of 15 interviews conducted with
primary, secondary, and higher education ELF teachers and of 15 interviews carried out with
ELT high schools and university students, from the Republic of Kosovo is determined. The
interviews are transcribed and then coded and the analysis rests upon the interpretative�inductive approach. The results of this study show that the majority of the EFL teachers use
their mother tongue to either explain their ideas clearly, give instructions, manage the
classroom, or understand instructions and ideas appropriately in English, etc. Teachers always
switch to their mother tongue (L1) when using EFL (L2) and in very rare cases the opposite.
The research results also display that EFL learners use code switching to express themselves
better, to explain ideas, to communicate with each other, and to increase comprehension such
as in cases when they ask their professors or their colleagues questions, but there are cases
worth mentioning when professors and learners use it without even realizing it. This research
will help teachers and students have a better understanding of the role of code-switching in
ELT classes, and will make them more aware of this very common phenomenon.

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