New Conceptions of Educational Systems in the Function of Projecting School of the Future

Kuka, Miroslav and Talevski Dimitrija, Jove and Jovanović, Ksenija (2013) New Conceptions of Educational Systems in the Function of Projecting School of the Future. US-China Education Review B, 3 (9). pp. 703-708. ISSN ISSN 2161-6248

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Education in the future involves the reconstruction of the education system. This basically means the reforms of itswhole system, and the development of the concept of permanent education which is harmonized with social needsand changes. Education has a strategic importance for economic and social de velopment, that is, for developingknowledge-based society. It was shown by the analysis of international organizations and institutions, such as theWorld Bank and OECD (Organization for Economic Coope ration and Development). Regardless the fact thatSerbia participated in several international tests, related to the level of student achievement, we can not claim whereSerbia is in relation to other systems of education in general. The presented work here is an integral part of abroader set up and realized preliminary project on “Redef inition of Education Structure of Republic of Serbia”forwarded to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia in 2010. The preliminary project guided by Ph.D.Miroslav Kuкa and Ph.D. Vuкosava Zivкovic was realized in the teamwork and in coordination of the work of thecentral and regional working groups in Serbia and th e surrounding countries having 80 collaborators in totalworking on the project. Model of our strategy of structure of the education system extends the period of compulsoryeducation up to 10 years of age (till the first grade of high school which is the same for all regarding the curriculum)and is based on differentiation of the education levels (from preschool to high school) in cycles, which, on their part,are defined by aims and tasks. Short- term, middle-term, and long-term aims have been clearly defined and concisedivision of competence and the follow-up methods of successfulness of its implementation have been made withinthe proposal of our model.

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