Change Of Pre-School System In Function Of New Structural Changes In Educational System

Kuka, Miroslav and Jovanović, Ksenija and Talevski Dimitrija, Jove (2013) Change Of Pre-School System In Function Of New Structural Changes In Educational System. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INNOVATION AND CHALLENGES IN EDUCATION - CICE, 26-28.4.2013, Kütahya, Turkey.

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The presented work here is an integral part of a broader set up and realized preliminaryproject on „Redefinition of Education Structure of Republic of Serbia“ forwarded to theMinistry of Education of the Republic of Serbia in 2010. The preliminary project guided byPh.D. Miroslav Kuкa and Ph.D. Vuкosava Zivкović was realized in the team work and incoordination of work of the central and regional working groups in Serbia and thesurrounding countries having 80 collaborators in total working on the project. Since theschool year 2006/07, in Serbia was introduced obligatory pre-school education for children atthe age of six, which is in the Statute referred to as an integral part of obligatory educationthat lasts nine years. Model of our structure of the education system is based on differentiationof the education levels (from preschool to high school) in cycles, which, on their part, aredefined by aims and tasks. According to proposals given in our project, this objective isachieved by the permanent guidance of the child towards the contact in the communicationitself in the line of child-child, child-adult. Starting from the development of thecommunication contact, it is now significantly easier for the child to study the social skillsneeded for socially acceptable situations.

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