Mathematical modelling and Simulations of path planning and obsticles of mobile robot

Antoska-Knights, Vesna and Petrovska, Olivera and Deskovski, Stojce (2019) Mathematical modelling and Simulations of path planning and obsticles of mobile robot. In: The 3th International Conference Towards Sustainable Development (Tsd’2018).

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This paper is presented a development of a mathematical model of mobile humanoid robot. It is following
deductiveprinciple,i.e.tostart froma completelygeneral modelapplicable toa setof tasks.Such amodelis
furtheradjustedaccording toneedcertainspecificsituations.
The robot is wheeled humanoid robot as a structure composed by upper human-like body and cart mobile
The cart construction is supported by 4-wheels configuration, electric drive on the rear vehicles, and is
directed from the front wheels.
A general simulation system is realizedat movement in a horizontal (2D) planeand the robot is modeled as
a 3-DOF system (three degrees of freedom).
We have considers a known environment where fixed potentials were assigned to the goal and the
obstacles. It moves successfully within different obstacle configurations (closely spaced obstacles), and it
solves the problem with a local minimum occurrence.
Researches made in the paper are new opportunities and directions for new researches.
As expected, the robot can easily handle low speed cart movements, and intuitively problems appear with
an increase in speed. We restricted the consideration to cart motions which are relevant to the humanoid
robot working in human-centred environments. A mobile robot is usually intended to work in services; so
in homes, department stores, restaurants, museums, hospitals etc.
The working conditions of humanoid and semi-humanoid robots directly determine the requirements
related to the ability of robots to maintain balance, stay stable, remain accurate and provide the qualities
to perform controlling tasks in the given circumstances of functioning.

Keywords: Mobile robots, Guidance and control, Obstacle avoidance. Robustness, Robot Posture.

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