Intelligent Vehicles

Petrovska, Olivera and Antoska-Knights, Vesna and Petrovski, Andon and Hristoski, Jovan (2019) Intelligent Vehicles. South East European Journal of Sustainable Development.

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The history of intelligent vehicles has developed over the last two decades. Although the first
ideas were born in the 1960s, the level of maturity of the technology at that time did not allow
the pursuit of the original goal of implementing fully autonomous all-terrain, all-weather
vehicles. Intelligent road vehicles cover specific aspects of intelligent vehicles such as
enabling technologies, human factors and an analysis of social and economic impacts. Today
the development of new technologies in transportation, respectively in the vehicles, is closely
related to the problems of modern society - an increasing population increase and settling in
densely built areas. Using ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) in traffic brings significant
improvement in transportation system performance, including reduced congestion and
increased safety and traveler convenience.This paper presents a variety of applications and
components of ITS in vehicles. These systems have until recently looked like a distant future,
but today they are part of the standard equipment, making all the systems in a vehicle a
unique entity which seeks to reduce travel time, traffic accidents, fuel consumption, as well
as to increase the capacity of roads and driving comfort. The advantages of intelligent
vehicles in the near future in the best way and the proposed model of working with intelligent
electronic car materials are also presented.

KEYWORDS: Intelligent transport system, Intelligent vehicles, Traffic flow

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