Mathematical and Numerical Model of Steam Turbine for Sustainable Energy Solution

Antoska-Knights, Vesna and Petrovska, Olivera (2019) Mathematical and Numerical Model of Steam Turbine for Sustainable Energy Solution. South East European Journal of Sustainable Development.

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The mathematical model and numerical methods as an essential tool for the design and analysis of
steam turbines for sustainable energy solutions are put forward in this paper. The last two decades
have seen a continuous increase in turbine inlet pressure and temperature. Modification of the turbo
machinery parts, definitely require reliable and accurate predictions of the main flow dynamics
characteristics and the heat loads imposed on the blades.The numerical computation is conducted on
the turbine model with two stages using the CFD commercial computer code CFX-TASCFlow,
based on solving of Navier-Stokes equation with applying a standard k-Ɛ two-equation turbulence
model. Results of the numerical computation are discussed in the paper.One way to contribute to the
sustainability of the environment and its energy resources is in the implementation of industrial
steam turbine solutions for alternative energy applications. In that way the objective is to classify the
influenced factors that affect the efficiency of the work of the turbine stage and defined
thermodynamics properties of the flow.

Keywords: Mathematical and Numerical Model, Finite Volume Method, CFD, Numerical

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