Forensic Accounting a challenge for Macedonian Enterprises and Institutions in the Fight Against Financial Crime

Joldeska, Irina and Kosarkoska, Desa (2023) Forensic Accounting a challenge for Macedonian Enterprises and Institutions in the Fight Against Financial Crime. VISIONS International Journal of Social Sciences (40). pp. 393-408. ISSN 1409-8962- printed,1857- 9221- electronic form

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Numerous accounting frauds that are presented in the financial reports of business entities represent a
growing problem for the economy, society and the state. On the one hand, financial frauds occur more
and more often not only in small and medium-sized enterprises, but also in large business units, in
public enterprises and in state institutions. On the other hand, this phenomenon represents an
increasingly frequent problem for the users of financial statements, because they are presented with
incorrect financial information, the analysis of which will give a wrong picture of the financial
situation of a certain subject. The interest of users of accounting information to have the clearest
possible picture of the financial stability of a given entity is undoubtedly clear. This is precisely where
the importance of forensic accounting and forensic accountants comes from in the detection of
financial fraud through false financial information. Financial frauds can be of a different nature, and
forensic accounting uses appropriate methods and techniques to detect them. The Republic of North
Macedonia is in the 87th place according to the index for the perception of corruption at the world
level, and is a challenging area for a deeper analysis. The largest number of financial frauds are
recorded through tax evasion and the falsification or destruction of business books, but the abuse of
official position and authority. Forensic accounting in support of court cases answers many questions
about financial fraud. This represents the basic motive of the authors for the preparation of this paper,
in order to highlight the place and role of forensic accounting in financial fraud investigations.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Forensic accounting, Forensic accountants, Financial fraud, Tax evasion, Material damages.
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