Teaching academic writing to EFL students: The process approach

Petrovska, Irina and Kostadinovska-Stojchevska, Bisera (2015) Teaching academic writing to EFL students: The process approach. REAL 8.

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One of the first things that EFL students are being told is that they have to learn to
communicate well in the target language: to understand each other, to be able to
communicate among each other, read what they have written and to write. The basic
language skills reading, listening and speaking are, therefore, the most exploited ones.
But what is as important as developing these three skills, is learning how to
communicate with the other person when he/she is not present. This is where emphasis
on writing is being put. Needless to say, teaching writing with the sole purpose of
communication is not what learning to write in the target language is all about. Learning
how to write appropriately in the target language also helps students to strengthen their
grammar, they can “play” with the language, “step out of their comfort zone” and the
effort to express ideas and the constant use of the hand and brain is a unique way to
reinforce learning. When students are engaged in writing, they often discover something
new to write about or a new way of expressing their ideas - they come “face-to-face”
with the real need to find the right word and the right sentence. The relationship
between thinking and writing is what makes writing a valuable part in any language
course. The methodology for teaching writing is not a clear-cut one and most of the
approaches for teaching writing overlaps. All of the approaches for teaching writing
have a different focus, the sentence, the paragraph, the grammar – syntax,
communication and the process approach. In this paper, the focus will be put on the
Academic Writing classroom where the Process Approach was being used with 1st and
2nd year undergraduate students. This approach focuses on the process of writing rather
than the written final products.

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