Ringing the doorbell of Europe: Sentence and lexical inventiveness in the Newspapers in Macedonia

Kostadinovska-Stojchevska, Bisera and Petrovska, Irina (2019) Ringing the doorbell of Europe: Sentence and lexical inventiveness in the Newspapers in Macedonia. European journal of applied liguistic studies. ISSN 2602-0254, ISSN-L:2602-02-54

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The aim of this article is to show the lexical inventiveness in journalistic writing in newspapers in Macedonia as a result of the country’s EU acceptance process that is ongoing. In general, ongoing processes in any country are reflected in the media, and that means they are consequently reflected in people’s everyday lives. The language that is “created” during that time is always a by-product which raises the question: What are the linguistic processes that occur in the language? The research will focus on both the Macedonian language’s linguistic inventiveness and on the English words used in newspapers in the Macedonian media. The analysis also includes sentences in which the products of these processes occur with the purpose of showing the level of productivity. The corpus for the analysis is limited to two printed daily papers, Sloboden pecat and Nova Makedonija, and one monthly publication, Fokus, which were chosen because they are the most read newspapers in terms of being the often referred to public debates, and newspapers that contain a significant number of columns and interviews. From Fokus, the column Respublica is analyzed that is published in the printed edition, and the columns that are mentioned and analyzed here can be found online.
Keywords: Macedonia, newspapers, media, political discourse analysis, lexical inventiveness

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