Blazhekovikj - Dimovska, Dijana and Stojanovski, Stojmir and Velkova - Jordanovska, Lidija and Trajchevski, Blagoja and Vangelovski, Aleksandar (2021) PARASITE FAUNA OF FISH FROM RESERVOIR STREZHEVO (N. MACEDONIA). Ahi Evran International Conference on Scientific Research, 3. pp. 234-240. ISSN ISBN: 978-625-7464-55-0

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This study aimed to determine the presence of parasite fauna, as well as, prevalence and mean intensity of parasite species in fish from one of the largest reservoirs in N. Macedonia. Reservoir Strezhevo is an artificial lake located on the middle course of the Shemnica river. Strezhevo is of exceptional importance for the Pelagonia region because it provides the necessary quantities of water for irrigation of a part of Pelagonia, the necessary quantities of unprocessed water for the needs of the inhabitants of the city of Bitola and the surrounding area, raw water for part of the industry, etc. The clean and cold water in the reservoirs provides favorable conditions for the existence of various fish species, such as rainbow trout, common carp, etc.
Fish specimens were obtained by net and fish species were determined according to the key of Kottelat and Freyhof (2007). The fish were placed in plastic tanks with water obtained from the collection sites and transferred to the Department of fish diseases at Hydrobiological Insitute -
Ohrid (N. Macedonia). Only fresh fishes were subjected to routine identification, dissection, and observation methods. Cleaned parasites were separated and put in certain fixatives, prepared for determination with determined techniques of staining and clearing (Vasiljkov, 1983; Gussev, 1983). Parasite identification was performed by morphometric analysis, using the keys of Bauer (1985) and Gussev (1983), based on the character of the copulatory organ, the haptoral sclerites like anchors, bars, and hooks. Classical epidemiological variables (prevalence and mean intensity) were calculated according to Bush et al. (1997).
During the parasitological investigations of the fish from Reservoir Strezhevo (N. Macedonia), 4 species of parasites have been identified, which in addition have great importance in the fish pathology. In this study, the following parasite species were established: the monogenean
trematodes Dactylogyrus extensus and D. minutus in Cyprinus carpio, the nematode Raphidascaris acus in Alburnus thessalicus, and the crustacean Ergasilus sieboldi in Alburnus thessalicus and Squalius vardarensis.

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