Favorable business climate - a factor for sustainability of companies in the Republic of North Macedonia

Pasovska, Silvana (2022) Favorable business climate - a factor for sustainability of companies in the Republic of North Macedonia. Меѓународен дијалог: Исток-Запад. ISSN 1857-9299

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Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable development is a development that is socially responsible and equitable, environmentally friendly and that relies on the basic postulates of civil society. It presupposes the incorporation of criteria for the protection of natural, social and cultural capital in every policy. It means balancing economic, social and environmental goals and integrating them whenever possible, by creating mutually supportive policies and practices and finding compromises when goal integration is not possible. Ultimately, this means systematic thinking and a strategic planning approach. It also means behavior that incorporates the fundamental criteria of sustainable development, which will ensure sustainable results in all human activities. Sustainability can be seen in three different branches: economic, social and environmental. When it comes to sustainable business, it means that the company is committed to adjusting its operations to larger parts over a period of time, rather than just focusing on profit and loss. Companies often set sustainable goals and work towards achieving them. But often it takes longer than expected to achieve them. When a business achieves sustainable goals, such as reducing its impact by 10%, it is then labeled a "green or sustainable" business. Companies can achieve their sustainable goals in many ways, by reducing harmful emissions, using energy efficient ways to obtain electricity, eliminating plastics and other waste, recycling and the like. When a world-class company is committed to sustainable operations, then all other businesses that work with it must meet the promised principles of sustainability. If any of them do not follow the rules, they will be thrown out of the "sustainability chain" of the big corporation.
Keywords: business, company, sustainability, profit, strategy

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